Job of a hotel manager: Managing employees, Business profitable

Job of a hotel manager: Managing a hotel is not an easy task as one has to be a multitasker to manage a hotel. Taking care of customer needs along with managing and training employees is a tough task. When you are a manager, you need to be careful and trained about everything. Maintaining good customer relationship with your guests, so that they visit again and again, find opportunities to make yourself and facilities in your hotel better than others so that you can have a competitive advantage over others, being ahead of time and maintaining an online presence to gain a larger customer base other than this one also has to be aware about advertising their services well, otherwise there would be not much popularity. To be a hotel manager there are some criteria of eligibility for hotel management such as having polite behaviour, having knowledge about customer likes and dislikes and so on.  Let us discuss all the important aspects of managing a hotel one by one below.

Managing employees

  • Hiring staff: In the hotel industry, staff plays a very important role. Polite behaviour, aristocracy and trust are the prime factors to kept in mind while hiring hotel staff. Hotel managers need to find people who are the perfect blend of all these to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Hotel staffs need to be patient and keep their calm even if the customers are becoming aggressive. You need to hire people who love their job and do not need to be reminded their duties again and again.
  • Communicating with employees is necessary: Communication is the key everywhere. If you want your employees to be satisfied and work how you want them to then you have to communicate your wishes to them. Also, a little encouragement goes a long way. When you praise someone for the good they have done, they are motivated to work better and this also encourages other employees. It is better to know about any concern that the employees have or any issues that are occurring so that they can be solved at the very beginning and nothing improper happens in front of the guests.
  • Positivity goes a long way: Guests are visiting your hotel to have a relaxed time, they won’t be loving the experience if the staff of the hotel are not in a pleasant mood. Your duty is to keep the hotel staff happy and positive. After all, happy employees keep happy customers. Complementing your staff, creating incentive bonus, organizing functions for staff are small things that can keep employees happy.

Try to give the best to customers

  • First impression is the last impression: Being in the hotel industry, you already know the importance of the first impression. Try to make the first impression lingering and warm. Train your employees in a way that they treat the guests warmly from the first instance. In the parking area, treat your guests and their cars with respect. Giving a warm welcome to the guests is the first very important step.
  • Have an attractive and clean setting: Attractiveness is the key in the hotel industry. Think from the perspective of guests and try to decorate your hotel. Another very important aspect to decoration is the cleanliness of your hotel. Maintaining hygiene and keeping it neat and clean is very important. No guests would like unclean and unhygienic settings.
  • Be as helpful as you can: People would love you for going out of your way and helping them in need. The help may be small but they are your gestures that would keep you remembered. Even small things such as holding the elevator, opening the door for your guests and so on would keep you a step ahead.
  • Take feedback from you guests: Trying to know what the guests liked and what did they disliked is showing the guests that you are trying to improve. Taking feedback would also let you know that where do you need to improve and what guests are liking about you. Also if there are employee behaviour that needs to be improved.

Make business profitable

As a manager your primary task would be to make the hotel business profitable and earn revenue to make the operations flowing, pay salaries to staff and maintaining the standards of hotel. You need to bring the best out of the least.


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