MSCIT 2021 – Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Syllabus, Dates

MSCIT 2021: MKCL is Conducted MS-CIT Course Every Year, Next MSCIT Exam is Conducted in the month of May and June. MS-CIT is an Information Technology literacy course started by MKCL in the year 2002. It has made more than 1 crore learners IT literate till date. It is the most popular IT course in Maharashtra. Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) was promoted by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra, India and was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on August 20, 2001 as a Public Limited Company under CIN.

In this article you may find complete details related to MKCL MSCIT Course 2021 like – Admission Procedure for MSCIT Course 2021, MSCIT Eligibility Criterial for 2021 Exams, Fees Details for MSCIT Exam 2021, MSCIT Syllabus 2021, MS-CIT Important Dates 2021, MS-CIT Online test, MS-CIT Mock Test Papers, MSCIT Old Question Papers etc. Now check more details for MSCIT 2021 From below…

MSCIT 2021 Important Dates

BatchLast Date of AdmissionFinal Exam Event
March 2021Thursday,
April 15, 2021
May 2021
April 2021Thursday,
May 20, 2021
June 2021
May 2021Tuesday,
June 15, 2021
July 2021

Important Instructions for MS-CIT Learners For the year 2021

1. Admission: Applicant should

  1. Ensure that s/he is seeking admission only to the Authorized Learning Centre (ALC) for MS-CIT, which is duly authorized by MKCL and having its details published on MKCL website:
  2. Ensure that s/he has duly filled in the pre-printed Application Form carefully and completely, signed the declaration and submitted to the ALC along with the prescribed fees before due date. Incomplete application shall not be accepted.
  3. Attach a true copy of Aadhaar Card as a proof of her/his identity including her/his name, photograph and signature and submit a signed photo copy of the same along with the application
  4. In case if Aadhaar Card is not available then, please submit School or College ID card or PAN card or Voter’s ID card or Driving License or Passport or Government’s ID card.
  5. Study material shall be issued to the confirmed learner (Fee is paid by learner and is received by MKCL) for MS-CIT Course.
  6. Course Duration will be 2 Months by default for the MS-CIT Course.
  7. Finger print data will be captured through Biometric device at the time of admission for further usage.
  8. Exam Body will verify the details of the learners. In case of rejection by Exam Body learner will have to submit the correct information to their respective ALC and ALC will correct the same from their login.

MSCIT Course Details: 

  1. Medium of Instruction: English, Marathi & Hindi
  2. Certification: Joint Certification by MKCL & MSBTE(Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education)
  3. Batch Calendar: Batches will be available in January, March, April, May, July, September, and November.
  4. Date(s) of Application and Fee Payment by Learner: 1st – 15th day of each calendar month
  5. Batch Start Date: Every above mentioned batch will start on 20th of that month.

MSCIT Fees 2021

MS-CIT Fees at ALC Mode

For Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) Region:

ModeTotal Fee (Rupees)1st Installment
2nd Installment
Single Installment4500/-4500/-N/A
Two Installments4700/-2350/-2350/-

* Only Single Installment Fee mode is applicable for MS-CIT at Home and MS-CIT Online admission

Total fee is including of Course fees, Examination fees and Certification fees

Except Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) Region (for Rest of Maharashtra):

ModeTotal Fee (Rupees)1st Installment
2nd Installment
Single Installment4000/-4000/-N/A
Two Installments4200/-2100/-2100/-

* Only Single Installment Fee mode is applicable for MS-CIT at Home and MS-CIT Online admission

Total fee is including of Course fees, Examination fees and Certification fees

*Including course fees, examination fees and certification fees

Applicant should

  • Verify the amount printed on fee receipt and ensure that it is equal to the amount s/he has actually paid to the ALC.
  • Verify her / his name printed on this fee receipt and get it corrected, if required, within 24 hours of last date of payment. This name shall appear on her / his MS-CIT Certificate. The request for the change of name on the Certificate shall not be entertained later.
  • Ensure that the fees are paid before the stipulated due dates.
  • We consider the learner as registered learner only after Admission procedure is completed by him / her and fees are fully paid by him / her.
  • In case of learners who have opted for Installment Mode, such learners should pay the 2nd installment in prescribed schedule. If 2nd installment is not paid by such learners then they will not be considered eligible for Final Online Examination.
  • If the complete payment is not done, then the Applicant will not be considered as registered learner.
  • Note that fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

MSCIT Academics

  • Learner should refer to Academic Calendar and Day-wise Breakup of the syllabus as published on MKCL website or made available at the ALC.
  • Learner should record his/her attendance through Biometric device on daily basis.
  • Please ensure that you have received the ERA login ID and Password for accessing the e-Content in ERA (eLearning Revolution for All) by using the headphone.
  • Please ensure that you have received the printed study material in English/Marathi (If applicable).
  • Daily attendance and completion of session through ERA is mandatory. If not done learner will lose the marks. MKCL will not be responsible for loss of marks.
  • Exam will be scheduled on basis of marks received to MKCL.
  • Learner will be able to learn through ERA Login and login will expire after the completion of course duration selected while taking the admission.
    • As the course is of 2 Month Batch Duration, login will be valid for 2 month from the date of admission confirmation
    • In case learner does not complete the learning within specified batch duration then learner’s course validity will be extended till next 2 months.
    • If Learner fails to become eligible for exam even after the validity extension, s/he will have to register afresh again by paying full Course Fees.

MSCIT Eligibility to Appear for Final Online Examination:

  • Completion of minimum 20 marks before prescribed schedule
  • Completion of minimum 40 Sessions before prescribed schedule

Those learners who will not satisfy all the above mentioned eligibility criteria, they will not be able to appear for Final Online Examination.

MSCIT Passing Criteria:

  • Minimum 20 marks are mandatory in Internal to become eligible to appear for Final Online Examination.
  • Minimum 40 marks out of 100 marks.
  • Individual Passing in Internal Score and Final Online Examination.


  • It is mandatory to use biometric device at the time of Final Online Examination.
  • Learner has to mark his/her attendance through biometric device to appear for Final Online Examination.
  • Final Online examination will be conducted under surveillance of camera. Hence learners Photo and Video will be captured by the camera throughout the exam period.
  • This Photo and Video data will be used by Exam Body and MKCL for further processing.
  • Normally exam will be scheduled in same center where learner is learning the course. But in some case exam will be scheduled in another center. In this case learner has to travel to the exam center at his/her own cost.
  • While appearing for the examination, learner has to carry the printout of Hall Ticket and original Aadhaar Card.

MSCIT Re-examination:

Re-Exam fees: Rs. 355/-

Please note that in the case of failure or absenteeism in the first available final online exam attempt, Learner can appear for re-examination for next two consecutive available exam events by paying requisite fees. If Learner remains absent or fails in these two attempts, s/he will have to register afresh again by paying full Course Fees.

MSCIT Online Test 2021

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