JAC Mock Test Papers 2020, JAC 10th, JAC 12th Mock Test 2020

JAC Mock Test Papers 2020:  Jharkhand Board Release JAC 10th Mock Test Papers and JAC 12th Mock Test Papers 2020. Practice thousands of free online practice test questions and review answers with detailed solutions & performance analysis. Online Exam preparation for recruitment exams. JAC mock test is a practice exam, designed to be as much like the real thing as possible. It has several purposes, some specifically for the candidates and some for the teacher’s benefit as well.

A mock test means a drill that is conducted before the actual test, Mock examinations are held in addition to collections arranged by your School. They are a three-hour invigilated examination sitting, for which you need to provide your own practice examination paper or revision work and adhere to examination regulations.

JAC Mock Test Papers 2020

AC 10th Mock Test Papers 2020 (Series 1 Available)

Please Note – Mock Test paper for 2020 exams are available Now, keep visit to our site fro more updates…

JAC Mock Test Paper available at 9.00 AM on 10th January 2020

JAC Mock Test Papers 2020 (Series 1) Available Now

JAC Mock Test Paper available at 9.00 AM on 10th January 2020
Date Subject Subject
08-01-2020 Physics Mathematics
08-01-2020 Biology Economics
09-01-2020 Chemistry Business Study
09-01-2020 Political Science
10-01-2020 Mathematics Accountancy
10-01-2020 History


Benefits of Mock Test Papers

  • It gives the candidate a good idea of what to expect, and useful practice in time management.
  • For candidates who are working well, it can be a boost to their confidence.
  • For candidates who are not working hard, it can be a useful wake-up call.
  • For all candidates it can highlight areas that really need more work.
  • For teachers, it gives a clearer picture of how individual candidates are getting on, and who might need some extra help.
  • For teachers, it is a good indicator of topics that lots of candidates haven’t really grasped, and that might be worth going over again with the whole class.
  • For teachers again, it provides an objective record of candidate progress – sometimes very useful when candidates or their parents want to complain later that the final results weren’t as good as they should have been, and it’s somehow all the teacher’s fault!

Apart from that lot, not a lot of point in mock exams, really – but I think that’s enough to be going on with!

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