IGNOU Question Papers December 2019 in PDF Format & All Past Years

IGNOU Question Papers December 2019 in PDF Format & All Past Years. Download IGNOU December 2019 Question Papers. Download IGNOU BA, B.COM, B.Sc, BCA, MA, M.Com, M.Sc, M.Tech Question Papers. Download IGNOU School of Management Studies (SOMS) Question Papers, School of Education (SOE) Question Papers, School of Continuing Education (SOCE) Question Papers, School of Science Question Papers, School Of Computer and Information Sciences (SOCIS) Question Papers etc. Now Scroll Down Below n Download IGNOU University Question Papers 

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IGNOU Entrance Exam Question Papers December 2019

M.Phil/Ph.D.  (Commerce) 2019
M.Phil/Ph.D.  (Distance Education) 2019
M.Phil/Ph.D.  (Sociology) 2019
M.Phil/Ph.D. In Translation Studies 2019
Ph.D In Hindi 2019
Ph.D.  (Management) 2019
Ph.D.  (Anthropology) 2019
Ph.D.  (Environmental Science) 2019
Ph.D.  (Food And Nutrition) 2019
Ph.D. (Gender And Development Studies) 2019
Ph.D.  (Geology) 2019
Ph.D.  (History) 2019
Ph.D. (Library And Information Science) 2019
Ph./.M.Phil  (Chemistry) 2019
Ph.D./M.Phil  (Geography) 2019
Ph.D/M.Phil  (Political Science) 2019
Ph.D/M.Phil (Social Work) 2019
Ph.D.  (Nursing) 2019
Ph.D.  (Public Administration) 2019
Ph.D.  (Psychology) 2019
Ph.D. (Statistics) 2019
Ph.D.  (Women’s Studies) 2019

IGNOU Question Papers December 2019


Preparatory Course in Commerce (Includes PCO-01) December2019
Certificate- in Business Skill s/Bachelor’s Degree Programme (Includes BCOA-001) December2019
Certificate in NGO SOMS (Includes BMS-001 to 003) December2019
Diploma in  Retailing (Includes BRL-001 to 004, BRL 6-8,BRL 10-15) December2019
Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Includes ECO-1 to 3,ECO-5- 14) December2019
Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations/ Masters of Commerce (Includes IBO-01 to 06, MCO-1, MCO-3 to 7) December2019
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Market Practices (includes MFP-1 to 5) December2019
Management Programme (Includes MS-1 to 11, MS-21 to 29, MS-41 to 46 , 51 to 58, 61 to 66, 68, 91 to 97, 422 to 425, 494 to 495, 611-612 ) December2019

School of Education (SOE)  शिक्षा विद्यापीठ (एसओई)

Certificate in Guidance (Includes NES-101 to 104) December2019
Certificate Programme For Professional Development Of Primary Teachers (CPPDPT) (include BES-051 to 056) December2019
Diploma In Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed.) (Includes BES-001 & 2,4,8,9 10,12,16 to20) December2019
Diploma in Primary Education (Includes ES-201 to 204, ES- 211 to 213, ES-221 to 222) December2019
Bachelor Of Education (B.Ed.) (Includes BES-121 to BES-125 BES-141 to 145) December2019
Bachelor of Education (Includes ES-331 to 335, ES-341 to 345, ES-361 to 364, BESE-046,065, 066,) December2019
Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management (Includes MES-004 to 008 ) December2019
Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration (Includes MES-045 to MES-048) December2019
Post Graduate Diploma In Higher Education Management (Includes MES-071 to MES-074) December2019
P.G. Diploma In Pre Primary Education (PGDPPED) (Includes MES-081 to MES-084) December2019
Post Graduate Certificate In Information And Assistive Technologies For Instructors Of Visually Impaired (PGCIATWI) (Includes  MVEI-011 to  MVEI-014) December2019
Master of Arts( Education) / Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology (Includes MES-011 to 016,  MES-031 to 034, MES-041 to 044, MES-101 to 104, and MES-111 to 115) December2019
Master of Education (Includes MES-051 to 56, MESE-057 to 062, MESE-064, 066, 067) December2019